By Rania Ben Omrane – Franchisee Tunisia

On April the 12th, we received a call from a luxurious perfume brand , the request: they need flowers (orange blossom) in order to produce their latest perfume as their perfume is a success and they run out of the best orange blossoms…


Why was it a critical delivery? The orange blossoms need to be picked-up the latest time possible (to be the freshest possible) as they don’t handle transportation and be delivered as fast as possible to their production plant in extrême south of Italy (700 km from Rome Airport).


Solutions? On-board-courier with the flowers. We had two flights a day to Rome, one in the morning and one at the end of the day. Our very own passenger was used in order to have full control of the shipment.  By taking the first flight out, we would deliver the production plant in Italy late in the evening but the plant would be closed and the flowers would perish if we deliver the next morning.


We decided together with the flowers’ producer and the production plant in Italy to pick-up the flowers at the end of day and take the late flight out from Tunis. The driver will pick-up the goods from Rome Airport around 10 pm and deliver them in the morning.


In order to have full control on the flowers, the passenger took the flight with a carry-on-baggage with the flowers. In order to fulfill the delivery’s quality requested, we kindly asked our Italian colleagues to have a dedicated Italian driver who perfectly knows both Rome Airport and delivery’s area, what they did.


This first delivery for this client was a real success and we look forward to delivering more flowers though the flower season is almost over.

Left to right: Jean François Collenot, Claire Debellefontaine, Jan Schüller, Ilayda Yazlak, Gianni Maes and Nebojša Mandić.

Can you share any plans you have on how to develop the business in Serbia – Belgrade? 

Upon learning through Genius Academy and meeting departmental heads important for the business development, my plan is to review and expand suppliers’ networks, to ensure that we are able to provide reliable Premium Freight and On-Demand Delivery solutions within minutes, with quick pick-up, short transit times and at competitive prices. Then, I plan to focus on customers, establish professional relations with them, and understand their needs as well as possible. Afterward, to grow… grow… grow… suppliers network… and at the same time, customers portfolio. Since of the Top 100 Automotive Suppliers, the majority are already Flash customers and one-third of them are operating in Serbia, my goal is to establish cooperation with one-half of them in Serbia by the end of 2023.

What would you like to learn and need from colleagues within the Redspher Group?

Firstly, I want to meet more colleagues and to better understand the power of the people network Redspher Group has. Then, I would like to learn more about the ecosystem and digital platforms. I see its understanding and proper usage as key to transferring its advantages to the Serbian market.  Migrating from traditional logistics services provision through dispatchers, to service provision based on the powerful platform, with transport experts as support, I see as a revolutionary step forward in the logistics world. Afterward, I see only growth, on the benefit of all sides, but in the first place of our customers.