Get to know Nebojša Mandić – the new Serbia – Belgrade Franchisee

Can you introduce yourself?

I was born in Belgrade where I also live today with my wife and our two sons. After primary and secondary education in Belgrade, I had been attending international studies in the United States and Slovenia where I earned B.B.A. and M.B.A. degrees.

I started my career as a member of the initial DHL team in Belgrade. Since then, I have worked in the logistics industry in vision and strategy development, people management, international standards implementation, service quality, shipment distribution, customs clearance, and customer service. Thus, I built experience of more than 25 years at various “C level” leadership positions. I am also active in the business community, participating in various business associations and at major business conferences. I am a member of the board of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), I am one of the lecturers at SAM Academy and I do motivational speeches, coaching, and mentoring. I act as a “status quo” challenger and true “change agent”. I admire sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Have you always been active in the world of Logistics & Supply Chain? 

Yes, I have been working in this world. Understanding customer needs, creating efficient solutions, and doing what was said and agreed upon is what attracts me like a magnet. Meeting new people, learning about new industries, projects, and business ideas, and taking on challenges and responsibility makes me feel that what I do every day, has its purpose. Along with it, I enjoy working with people as team members, being customers, suppliers, colleagues.

How did you get into contact with Flash? 

I have always been seeing myself as a mix of an entrepreneur and a corporate person. The proper mixture is very important for success. You know that at our market there were many periods of volatility and difficult circumstances. Those times required us to think globally but to act locally. Such an entrepreneurial approach enabled the achievement of many, many great results for the corporations I had been representing, but at the same time, it opened many growth and development opportunities for me. After more than 25 years of managing the business through a career within corporations, I wished not only to manage but also to own the business.

I have found initial information about Flash in today’s digital world. Then, I started to explore who Flash is, what kind of services are offered, and how the ecosystem works. Everything I was able to see and read has drawn my attention, I sent a short e-mail, received an immediate response and here I am.

Can you explain how the collaboration started and how you experienced the onboarding process?

In the beginning, I received relevant information through online meetings and initial documents. Then, I experienced that the onboarding process is well designed and structured. From business plan preparation, through permanent guiding, to agreement signing. I can say that from the very beginning, at all Redspher’s and its Flash organizational levels, I felt trust and support. Without a doubt, I realized that business goals are our common targets and that we are together working towards their achievement. It is very important for me and I see it as the best approach for the Flash network expansion and growth.