What we do

Flash is the European leader of the Premium Freight market. We offer a vast choice of road and air transport solutions. We answer every need of our customers with tailor-made solutions. Moreover, we offer bespoke transport solutions to a variety of blue chip customers in the automotive, high-tech electronics, machinery, aviation and agricultural sector. Our customers benefit from our fast, reliable and customized support.

What we have achieved

Lean production methods and modern supply chain flows require premium services. Flash was able to adapt, act promptly, and be an asset for its customers around the world. It complied with the new market rules by applying its digital solutions around the clock. Flash is the reference for premium services for international companies. 


Since 1981, we have simplified and tailor-made our transport solutions based on our clients’ needs. We are part of Redspher, the digital platform for on-demand delivery needs which offers real-time tailor-made transport solutions to its customers. 

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What we do and what we believe in

road freight solutions

We always find the faster way to get your goods where you need them, when you need them.


An unexpected situation? You can expect our solution.

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We believe in: trust, client commitment, innovation & simplicity

Our digital strategy allowed us to
  • Create our IT platform to cooperate with our partners in different parts of the world.
  • Benefit from the network and the vast array of digital tools of Redspher’s digital startups such as Easy4Pro, Rubiwin, Upela and Easy2Go
  • Easy2Trace and R:Tech, our professional Transport Management System : simple ways to save time
easy2trace flash

R:Tech: the easiest way to manage your shimpents. A portal available 24/7 to have the complete control over your operations.

Easy2Trace is an app easy to set up on your phone and easy to use. You can assign the shipments, track them and follow them to be always in control.

"We started as a French company, and now we are the European leaders of the Premium Freight market. We have the IT and the expertise to help the right entrepreneurs expand in their countries"
philippe higelin
Philippe Higelin
President of Redspher
"The Premium Freight market is growing. The supply chain is changing and we are looking for the key partners to take advantage of that growth"
Jan Schüller
Chief Strategic Development Officer at Flash