Flash Europe has the pleasure to welcome onboard a new member of our Franchise Network in Turkey!

Ugur Devecl and Gürcan Duran have joined the Flash Franchise family with the responsibility to develop premium freight services in the territory Izmir, Turkey. They signed the contract on 1st, Aug. Their company is named JESSE LOJİSTİK ve Dış Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ.


Gürcan is a logistics expert. He has been engaging in sales and marketing for 18 years in İzmir and Manisa. He founded a company specialized in import and sales business. Ugur has experience in marketing. They are different characters but when it comes to business they have the same spirit and focus. With the experience of Ugur in marketing, Gürcan will develop the business more rapidly.


The first steps will be contacting existing customers to let them know that now they are working directly as Flash-brand licensed Franchisee and that they now can provide professional premium freight as an additional service. The aim would be to expand and spread the message to more companies in the region. They already designed a brochure to do advertisements.

The beginning is never easy, but the team is motivated. They will never take a step back from any initiative they start. Even though it’s a tough time regarding the pandemic, they will try their best to develop new customers. Nowadays, they are learning new skills through the Flash e-learning platform called GeniusAcademy, as part of the intensive integration period.

We will closely follow the development of the Franchise Unit and keep you updated on their progress. Let’s see where they will get!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your team

UGUR DEVECİ : My partner Mr.Gürcan and myself worked on different types of jobs. I have worked in the advertising sector before. I studied Food Engineering. My partner Gürcan has exported and imported for a long time. He traded many different products. He also worked in the logistics sector for a while. I’m really confident in his experience and my own energy. We are really different kinds of people but we are on the same page every time.
GÜRCAN DURAN : I have been engaging in sales and marketing for 18 years in İzmir and Manisa. I founded my own company, imported packaging, and occupational safety materials from 5 Far East countries, and sold goods to my customers from various cities in Turkey. I worked for approximately 6 months in the logistics sector.

2. From which city are you going to work? Have you already worked there?

UGUR DEVECİ : We were working in İzmir before, and we will continue to work in İzmir.
GÜRCAN DURAN : I will work in İzmir. I have had many customers from various sectors in İzmir and Manisa during my sales and marketing activities for 18 years.

3. What kind of customers have you supported before? Will you develop new customers after joining Flash? 

UGUR DEVECİ :  We have a variety of customers from different sectors, like household goods, packing, automotive, and agriculture. Some of them need premium freight services. I will also visit the companies I worked for in my previous job.
GÜRCAN DURAN : I met and worked with various companies in various sectors before. With Flash Lojistik, I will get in contact with all my customers, with whom I used to keep contact.

4. Why did you decide to start in the premium freight sector with Flash? 

UGUR DEVECİ :  I was looking for a new and energetic job. My partner told me about the logistics industry and Flash. I wanted to enter the logistics sector. I saw that Flash is the safest way to get a franchise and enter into the logistics sector.
GÜRCAN DURAN : The logistics sector has been the sector that I liked the most amongst others I have worked so far. I am impressed by the position of Flash both in Europe and in Turkey. Today, it is of paramount importance to cooperate with a big trademark systematically and in an integrated way. I am convinced I can cooperate with Flash in this regard successfully. Besides, Mr. Hakan Ertemel, who is the Master Franchisee in Turkey, and I are on the same wavelength.

5. Did you know Flash before you became a part of our family?

UGUR DEVECİ : No. Just my partner, Mr.Gürcan knew Flash.
GÜRCAN DURAN : Logistics industry constitutes approx 10-15% of the total global GDP and is an integral portion of Turkey’s economy. I have heard that minivan express service has really grown in the logistics sector in Turkey since 2015, however I had not heard of Flash until I saw the company on Instagram.

6. How did you find Flash? 

GÜRCAN DURAN : I have found Flash on Instagram. It is an energetic company with clear, ambitious but realistic goals.

7. What are the first steps now to begin this journey?

UGUR DEVECİ : We will meet customers we have worked with before and where we expect these customers to have a need for premium freight services. Also, we are currently meeting with suppliers in Izmir to get to know the right suppliers and further extend the supplier portfolio. Immediately afterward, we will contact our customers in line with our sales goals and start explaining the value and quality of our services and the savings they can make.
GÜRCAN DURAN : To meet companies in İzmir that can supply minivan solutions to Flash and start sales as soon as possible.

8. What are the biggest challenges?

UGUR DEVECİ : Pandemic process (covid)
GÜRCAN DURAN : To find time and people who know their business amongst customers. Besides, pandemic, affecting our negotiations negatively.

9. Make a bet: where do you see yourself and your team in 3 years.

UGUR DEVECİ : We hope to be a company that has reached the turnover in line with our goals, and is known to the whole business world in Izmir.
GÜRCAN DURAN : We will be the most known company in our territory. And we will be an indispensable solution partner of the Flash Franchise Network in Turkey.

10. I heard that you are in the Master Franchisee’s office today, how do you feel during the conversation?   

UGUR DEVECİ : There is a pleasant, comfortable environment. I am learning new things which are very helpful, like marketing examples, how to manage the carriers, how to dispatch, how to use the Flash systems (especially the Transportation Management Tool, called R: tech). They are very open to teaching.


Unit Franchise Izmir

Master Franchise Turkey


Mariam Logistika

Unit franchise in South/Central Sloveniantral

The FLASH branded franchise community continues to expand.  We welcome another new Unit franchisee in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

This time, the investors are Miriam Logistika, a company with 15 years of experience in specialized freight solutions with a total of 13 employees.

Miriam Logistika’s has invested in the Flash franchise to broaden its service portfolio and develop a complementary new service next to their historically grown specialism in complex ADR shipments.

Premium freight is all about taking good care of client requirements and to that extent there are similarities with ADR shipments who also require a well-managed shipment on the operational execution level.

Additionally, the Flash Brand  will help the company become a more established global player in their local market. Miriam Logistika has recognized that it would take much longer to achieve their goals alone. The ability to join the Brand of a global player is very much facilitated through a professional partnership, with an already established high-end IT system and service capabilities. 

Nenad Kovacic, owner of Miriam Logistika is enthusiastic about the new venture and believes Flash is the perfect partner for them. Mr. Kovacic: “After 4 weeks of intensive training and integration, we went live this week. To have access to this expertise and systems based on many years of market leadership, can only excite us. On top the level of personal support and commitment strengthen and determine us to go at maximal speed for this development mission

Onur Atacan, Unit franchisee for Ankara territory

Interview with Onur Atacan, Flash Europe Unit Franchisee for the Territory Ankara, Turkey

Q – What is your background?

A – Over the past 15 years, I have been working in many functions in the food sector (distribution), partly employed and partly as owner running my own business. I even had my own food stores. Originally, I am a professional veterinarian.

The food sector is a very interesting and challenging business in Turkey, but after so many years in this sector, I was looking for a new challenge. Flash Europe just came to me at the right moment in time.

     Q – How did you get in contact with Flash?

A – It is a rather peculiar story. In fact, it was my wife who drew my attention to this Franchise opportunity. She is a managing partner of the Franchise Company, who currently supports Flash Europe in recruiting Unit Franchisees for other Territories. Turkey has been divided into more than 25 Unit Territories, at the moment four Territories are active (Istanbul, Bursa, Tekirdag, Ankara). After meeting the Master Franchisee Hakan Ertemel, I was fully convinced this was a unique opportunity I had to go for.

     Q – Why have you decided to become part of the Flash Europe Franchise Network?

A – For me it was obvious that the premium freight services Flash offers all across Europe can be of great added value to the Ankara region. Instead of paying high air freight rates, customers need to be aware of the alternatives we can offer through fast and dedicated road solutions. This really saves them money, with lead times being pretty close to airfreight (door-to-door). Many customers are just not aware of this alternative and it is my mission to inform and convince them. Due to my previous activities I have a large network of business contacts in the Ankara region. So, it is really the combination of the Group’s support, systems and vehicles on the one hand, and my regional network on the other that will make this into a success.

    Q -What did you do to prepare your decision?

A – Due to my previous activities in the food distribution, I was familiar with transport. But not with the specifics of premium freight. Thus, I decided to join a driver, we did a shipment from Ankara to Ulm in Germany. This was a helpful experience, because you get a good idea of what problems the drivers can be faced with: customs, communication with Flash, Easy2Trace (the app Flash developed for communication and track & trace), issues the driver is facing at loading and delivery address etc.

    Q – How have you been supported by the Franchisor and Master Franchisee?

A – My main counterpart of course is the Master Franchisee. Hakan Ertemel has been highly supportive from the very beginning: training on site in the Istanbul office, joint customer visits, guidance in my office. Also, the e-learning platform of Flash – GeniusAcademy – helped to understand processes and systems.

Flash as a Franchisor is never far away and always willing to help. Quite recently, I was invited to the first Annual Franchise event, organized by Flash: a great opportunity to meet other franchisees of the network and exchange views and experiences.

Interested in becoming a Flash franchisee? Check out our dedicated franchise website for more information and get in touch!

Franchise with Flash

Franchise with Flash!

Rejoignez la franchise Flash!

Vous êtes intéressé par la franchise avec Flash ? Nous recherchons des personnes ayant l’esprit d’entreprise, l’énergie et la motivation pour diriger une entreprise, l’esprit de travail en équipe et l’enthousiasme pour développer des solutions de transport à la demande.

Contactez-nous en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous et parlez-nous un peu de vos motivations et de votre expérience dans la section message – nous sommes impatients de vous entendre !

    Onur Atacan and Hakan Ertemel shake hands

    Flash Europe expands franchise activities in Turkey and Russia

    Flash Europe expands franchise activities in Turkey and Russia

    • Turkish market off to a good start with a total of four franchise licenses. 
    • Country partner for Russia and complementary area franchisee for Novgorod established
    • Opening of two more Central European countries planned for the first half of 2020
    • Additional franchisees sought at country level and for individual regions in the following countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Ireland

    Stuttgart, Germany, December 2019 – Flash Europe, a long-standing and internationally established provider of on-demand transportation services, launched its own franchise system in mid-2019, opening up franchise opportunities on a country and regional territory level. Hakan Ertemel was the first franchise partner to be won over for Turkey as country and territory partner (for the Istanbul and Bursa regions). In the last few weeks, two additional area licenses were awarded to Onur Atacan for the region around Ankara and Mikail Yildirim for the regions of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne. “We are proud that we were able to award some important area licences for Turkey to local and motivated entrepreneurs with good contacts and their own network within such a short time”, emphasizes Jan Schüller, Business Unit Manager Franchise. “For the Flash Group, it is essential above all to find the right partners: trustworthy entrepreneurs with a passion for logistics,” Schüller continues. For the franchisee, the choice of the right franchisor is of course also crucial. “We benefit from the synergies of the Flash Group in terms of an established network, a considerable customer portfolio, mature IT solutions, training systems, app-controlled track-and-trace systems, stable and long-term developed processes and much more,” reports Onur Atacan. “I was very impressed by the size of the network and the professional and dedicated support,” the new franchisee continues. Turkey is of great strategic importance for the logistics company, which owes much of its positive business development to the automotive industry.

    With the development of its own franchise system, the express logistics company set the course for additional internationalisation and growth. In the fourth quarter, another important market for the provider of time-critical transport services was developed in Russia. In Russia, Flash found a franchisee on a national level in Sergey Burkov with an additional area around Moscow and St. Petersburg and a further area franchisee Kristina Zaytseva for the Nizhniy Novgorod region. “With Flash Europe I now have the opportunity to develop and expand. We were previously focused on domestic transport. The Premium Freight segment is an attractive niche for us, and I see great growth potential for the region,” the franchisee reports. Zaytseva emphasises that “We now have the opportunity to participate in large tenders, can offer standardized solutions, but still show local know-how. We have access to the entire Redspher platform through Flash Europe, which allows us to offer our customers a complete package of on-demand transportation solutions. This is a huge competitive advantage over local competitors,”.

    Flash Europe aims to gradually expand the franchise system to other countries, especially in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Northern Europe.  “The franchise system has proven to be a very interesting business development method for us in the past months. We will therefore accelerate the methodology in 2020. We expect to open at least two more Central European countries in the first half of 2020 due to the great market interest in our franchise system. This is an exclusive process, as the number of licenses is limited,” says Philippe Higelin, CEO of the company, explaining the planned development.

    About Redspher

    Redspher is a European transport and logistics group. All companies of the group are combined in a digital platform that simplifies on-demand transport. Redspher consists of Flash Europe International (international premium logistics in BtoB), Schwerdtfeger Transport (international premium logistics in BtoB.Upela (international freight management), Upela (international freight management), Easy2Go (sameday deliveries in the BtoB and BtoC area – currently limited to the French market), Easy4Pro (ad hoc transport management software in the BtoB area), GeniusAcademy (online training center), Easy2Trace (app for monitoring vehicles and shipments), (service provider with access to the largest European van fleet), Yoctu (provider of IT tools) and Rubiwin (fleet management support). Redspher aims to revolutionize the transport market by integrating its physical and digital dimensions. The group is the result of the strong growth of Flash, which has developed through acquisitions and organic growth throughout Europe. Today, Redspher employs more than 650 people in Europe and continues to actively recruit to drive the company’s growth.

    Press contact

    Annette Tausch                                          Quentin de Madre

    0176 21788473

    06192 9795364                                         +336 42 11 12 26                

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    New Flash unit franchisee in Turkey

    New unit franchisee for Flash in Turkey


    We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Flash Franchisee team in Turkey! Mikail YILDIRIM, Cetin KURT and Tolga SUTCAN have joined the Flash Franchisee adventure as a Unit Franchisee to cover the areas of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne. 

    They are all logistics experts who have been working in the sector for 10 years across different companies in Turkey. Two years ago they stepped out of their comfort zone to build their own company, growing to a turnover of €500.000 per year. They have been actively working as suppliers for Flash Turkey for one year and during that time, they got to know the company and its values. They discovered the potential of having the support of a European partner. By becoming a Flash Unit Franchisee, they have taken their business even further and can enjoy all the advantages of a tight collaboration with Flash.


    The R:tech transportation management Software tool is exclusively designed and tested to manage on demand critical shipment operations. Flash educational tools keep up to date with new features within the tool in order to make sure users know how to use it to it’s full potential. So, tasks that took weeks and that had to be completed manually can now be managed within hours or minutes thanks to R:Tech. Flash has designed and adapted its digital logistics tool to coordinate shipments across multiple supply chain actors in different locations, a powerful advantage that can help small agencies grow internationally & serve local customers.

    “Flash is a global company and with its name we thought we could reach a more competitive market with bigger clients.” Unit Franchisee team Turkey

    Flash, Franchise, road frieght
    Our proud new franchise team!


     From their office on the North side of Istanbul they will manage the areas of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne. Having already been collaborating with a couple of clients in these regions, the business is expected to have a smooth start. The first steps will be contacting existing customers to let them know that from now on, they are working directly as a Flash-brand licensed Franchisee. The aim is to expand and spread the message to more companies in the region. The beginning is never easy but the team is experienced and qualified and has overcome greater challenges in the past. Thanks to Flash support, certain challenges will be even easier to overcome.

    “We believe that we can overcome the difficulties we may encounter while developing our agency thanks to Flash support and brand prestige.” Mikail YILDIRIM, Flash Unit Franchisee 


    Imagine, for example, coordinating all the operations with all carriers from just one office, while also keeping up to date on delivery status, managing all the paperwork and intervening when it’s needed… Flash’s IT solutions come in handy because it can simplify all these tasks. A channel of communication is always open between carriers and the agency, and this exclusive Flash tool allows everyone to perform their tasks efficiently, communicate missing documents or clarify a delivery status. 

    They are an ambitious team and they have plans to go far, so where do they see themselves in five years?

    “We will have introduced Flash to all companies in our area and we aim to be the only minivan service provider. Maybe we will have taken other regions!” Unit Franchisee team Turkey


    1. Did you know Flash before becoming a part of our family? How did you discover Flash? 

    We have been working with Flash Turkey for 1 year. Flash is a well known global company in our industry in the Turkish market but also abroad

         2. Why did you decide to get into the Premium Franchisee market with Flash? 

    Flash is a global company and with its name we will be able to enter new and more competitive vertical markets. Flash brand recognition is a real asset in this market.

         3. Tell us a bit about yourself and your team

    We have a company with three co-workers whose names are Mikail YILDIRIM, Cetin KURT, Tolga SUTCAN for 2 years in Turkey. Three of us, we have been working in companies under the logistics sector for an average of 10 years. We established a company two years ago and were able to make an annual turnover of approximately 500.000 euros in the logistics sector. We thought it would be beneficial to combine our experiences and knowledge with Flash.

        4. Which city are you going to work from? Have you already worked there?

    We have worked in our office in Northern Istanbul for 10 years but our franchise-unit covers the regions Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy, and Edirne. We worked with a couple of clients in these areas and after that we plan to concentrate here as our first region

       5. What are the first steps in beginning this journey?

    First, we will contact our existing customers and start talking to them about Flash. We aim to introduce Flash by reaching all the companies in the region over time.

       6. What have been your biggest challenges?

    In two years, we have overcome huge difficulties. We believe that we can overcome the difficulties we may encounter to develop our company more easily under the name of Flash and thanks to the support and mentorship.

      7. Make a bet: where do you see yourself and your team in 5 years?

    We have introduced Flash to all companies in our area and aim to be the only minivan service provider. Maybe we will have taken on other regions 🙂

    Interested in becoming a Flash franchisee? Check out our website for more information

    If you have further questions then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Frank van Doorn at

    Flash First Master Franchisee

    Flash is the European leader of the Premium Freight market. We have a vast choice of road and air transport solutions. We answer every need of our customers with tailor-made solutions. We believe in addressing the customers’ needs with simple, clear and fast solutions using digital modern tools.

    As the European Leader of Premium Freight, Flash is always looking for new possibilities to expand its market. This is why we are proud to announce the beginning of our Franchisee project, with already our first Master Franchisee in Turkey. Hakan Ertemel has entrusted our expertise and teamed up with Flash to grow his business

    “I’m quite confident taking on this new challenge as an entrepreneur. There is a growing market for Premium Freight and I have the support of the European market leader .”

    Hakan Ertemel
    Turkey Master Franchisee
    Flash Europe

    Become Flash franchisee contact us

    Press release: Flash Franchise Program

    Flash Europe is proud to start its franchise program

    Flash, the European leader of premium freight has launched a new franchising program. It has already its first Master Franchisee in Turkey and the first 2 territory units sold. The goal is to further expand the network of carriers and partners across Turkey and Europe, with the support of ambitious entrepreneurs.

    franchisee map 2

    In the supply chain market, counting on international and trustworthy business partners is an asset. Competitive pressure and growing expectations from the customers have led to more and more companies to minimize stock and produce on-demand. This is why supply chain management and premium shipments are becoming a key factor for every company. In this fragmented but growing market all over the world, Premium freight improves the resilience of the whole supply chain. Industry and Retail giants are increasingly relying on Premium Freight companies to keep their production line running and to keep control over their stock. International groups expect a certain level of standards and favor global solutions. They want partners that adapt to their processes and understand their priorities. It’s not only about delivery. It is about adjusting to the customer and making the shipment process as clear as possible. Nowadays, this is what Retail and Industry giants are looking for. Global players that can comply with the new priorities.

    flash truck

    In order to adapt to those new trends in the supply chain market, Flash has sharpened its expertise and created a worldwide network with offices in over 18 countries. Flash tech tools have been designed thinking about its customers and carriers, to let them control and facilitate the shipment process. By keeping customers and suppliers at the heart of its strategy, Flash has structured a successful operating model. And this model made 480 000 deliveries driving with more than 300 000 000 kms possible in 2018. Through its experience and its digital know-how, Flash has become the European leader of Premium freight.

    Flash expansion is based on the creation of offices in selected areas of the market. Now it is now going to be strengthened on a wider level thanks to the franchise’ program. To grow stronger, we need to find locally the right partners: trustworthy people passionate about logistics. Signing our License agreement, our Master Franchisee will sit in the driverseat. He will be able to find, contract, train and develop Single Unit Franchisees using the proven business model of Flash in its own country.

    The franchise network is on the first stages of its building process in Turkey with a new Master Franchisee who already bought two franchise units. Flash aims to further expand the network there and in other European countries.

    “I’m quite confident taking on this new challenge as an entrepreneur. There is a growing market for Premium Freight and I have the support of the European market leader .” Hakan Etermel, Master Franchisee for the Turkish Market since January 2019.