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New Flash unit franchisee in Turkey

New unit franchisee for Flash in Turkey


We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Flash Franchisee team in Turkey! Mikail YILDIRIM, Cetin KURT and Tolga SUTCAN have joined the Flash Franchisee adventure as a Unit Franchisee to cover the areas of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne. 

They are all logistics experts who have been working in the sector for 10 years across different companies in Turkey. Two years ago they stepped out of their comfort zone to build their own company, growing to a turnover of €500.000 per year. They have been actively working as suppliers for Flash Turkey for one year and during that time, they got to know the company and its values. They discovered the potential of having the support of a European partner. By becoming a Flash Unit Franchisee, they have taken their business even further and can enjoy all the advantages of a tight collaboration with Flash.


The R:tech Transportation management Software tool is exclusively designed and tested to manage on demand critical shipment operations. Flash educational tools keep up to date with new features within the tool in order to make sure users know how to use it to it’s full potential. So, tasks that took weeks and that had to be completed manually can now be managed within hours or minutes thanks to R:Tech. Flash has designed and adapted its digital logistics tool to coordinate shipments across multiple supply chain actors in different locations, a powerful advantage that can help small agencies grow internationally & serve local customers.

“Flash is a global company and with its name we thought we could reach a more competitive market with bigger clients.” Unit Franchisee team Turkey

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Our proud new franchise team!


 From their office on the North side of Istanbul they will manage the areas of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne. Having already been collaborating with a couple of clients in these regions, the business is expected to have a smooth start. The first steps will be contacting existing customers to let them know that from now on, they are working directly as a Flash-brand licensed Franchisee. The aim is to expand and spread the message to more companies in the region. The beginning is never easy but the team is experienced and qualified and has overcome greater challenges in the past. Thanks to Flash support, certain challenges will be even easier to overcome.

“We believe that we can overcome the difficulties we may encounter while developing our agency thanks to Flash support and brand prestige.” Mikail YILDIRIM, Flash Unit Franchisee 


Imagine, for example, coordinating all the operations with all carriers from just one office, while also keeping up to date on delivery status, managing all the paperwork and intervening when it’s needed… Flash’s IT solutions come in handy because it can simplify all these tasks. A channel of communication is always open between carriers and the agency, and this exclusive Flash tool allows everyone to perform their tasks efficiently, communicate missing documents or clarify a delivery status. 

They are an ambitious team and they have plans to go far, so where do they see themselves in five years?

“We will have introduced Flash to all companies in our area and we aim to be the only minivan service provider. Maybe we will have taken other regions!” Unit Franchisee team Turkey


  1. Did you know Flash before becoming a part of our family? How did you discover Flash? 

We have been working with Flash Turkey for 1 year. Flash is a well known global company in our industry in the Turkish market but also abroad

     2. Why did you decide to get into the Premium Franchisee market with Flash? 

Flash is a global company and with its name we will be able to enter new and more competitive vertical markets. Flash brand recognition is a real asset in this market.

     3. Tell us a bit about yourself and your team

We have a company with three co-workers whose names are Mikail YILDIRIM, Cetin KURT, Tolga SUTCAN for 2 years in Turkey. Three of us, we have been working in companies under the logistics sector for an average of 10 years. We established a company two years ago and were able to make an annual turnover of approximately 500.000 euros in the logistics sector. We thought it would be beneficial to combine our experiences and knowledge with Flash.

    4. Which city are you going to work from? Have you already worked there?

We have worked in our office in Northern Istanbul for 10 years but our franchise-unit covers the regions Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy, and Edirne. We worked with a couple of clients in these areas and after that we plan to concentrate here as our first region

   5. What are the first steps in beginning this journey?

First, we will contact our existing customers and start talking to them about Flash. We aim to introduce Flash by reaching all the companies in the region over time.

   6. What have been your biggest challenges?

In two years, we have overcome huge difficulties. We believe that we can overcome the difficulties we may encounter to develop our company more easily under the name of Flash and thanks to the support and mentorship.

  7. Make a bet: where do you see yourself and your team in 5 years?

We have introduced Flash to all companies in our area and aim to be the only minivan service provider. Maybe we will have taken on other regions 🙂

Interested in becoming a Flash franchisee? Check out our website for more information

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Flash First Master Franchisee

Flash is the European leader of the Premium Freight market. We have a vast choice of road and air transport solutions. We answer every need of our customers with tailor-made solutions. We believe in addressing the customers’ needs with simple, clear and fast solutions using digital modern tools.

As the European Leader of Premium Freight, Flash is always looking for new possibilities to expand its market. This is why we are proud to announce the beginning of our Franchisee project, with already our first Master Franchisee in Turkey. Hakan Ertemel has entrusted our expertise and teamed up with Flash to grow his business

“I’m quite confident taking on this new challenge as an entrepreneur. There is a growing market for Premium Freight and I have the support of the European market leader .”

Hakan Ertemel
Turkey Master Franchisee
Flash Europe

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Press release: Flash Franchise Program

Flash Europe is proud to start its franchise program

Flash, the European leader of premium freight has launched a new franchising program. It has already its first Master Franchisee in Turkey and the first 2 territory units sold. The goal is to further expand the network of carriers and partners across Turkey and Europe, with the support of ambitious entrepreneurs.

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In the supply chain market, counting on international and trustworthy business partners is an asset. Competitive pressure and growing expectations from the customers have led to more and more companies to minimize stock and produce on-demand. This is why supply chain management and premium shipments are becoming a key factor for every company. In this fragmented but growing market all over the world, Premium freight improves the resilience of the whole supply chain. Industry and Retail giants are increasingly relying on Premium Freight companies to keep their production line running and to keep control over their stock. International groups expect a certain level of standards and favor global solutions. They want partners that adapt to their processes and understand their priorities. It’s not only about delivery. It is about adjusting to the customer and making the shipment process as clear as possible. Nowadays, this is what Retail and Industry giants are looking for. Global players that can comply with the new priorities.

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In order to adapt to those new trends in the supply chain market, Flash has sharpened its expertise and created a worldwide network with offices in over 18 countries. Flash tech tools have been designed thinking about its customers and carriers, to let them control and facilitate the shipment process. By keeping customers and suppliers at the heart of its strategy, Flash has structured a successful operating model. And this model made 480 000 deliveries driving with more than 300 000 000 kms possible in 2018. Through its experience and its digital know-how, Flash has become the European leader of Premium freight.

Flash expansion is based on the creation of offices in selected areas of the market. Now it is now going to be strengthened on a wider level thanks to the franchise’ program. To grow stronger, we need to find locally the right partners: trustworthy people passionate about logistics. Signing our License agreement, our Master Franchisee will sit in the driverseat. He will be able to find, contract, train and develop Single Unit Franchisees using the proven business model of Flash in its own country.

The franchise network is on the first stages of its building process in Turkey with a new Master Franchisee who already bought two franchise units. Flash aims to further expand the network there and in other European countries.

“I’m quite confident taking on this new challenge as an entrepreneur. There is a growing market for Premium Freight and I have the support of the European market leader .” Hakan Etermel, Master Franchisee for the Turkish Market since January 2019.