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Flash Franchise business explained​

Nowadays starting your own company is not a piece of cake. You need to comply with different rules, have the know-how, establish a network, build your brand image… Starting a new business without a strong partner might be risky. Becoming a Flash franchisee becomes a chance to get more visibility through an established brand name and take advantage of a strong network. Plus, thanks to our know-how we will be able to assist with formatilities and tools. As a Flash franchisee, you will be able to use our technological tool that will allow you to manage your shipments, from finance and invoicing to operations and sales. 

A Master Franchisee coordinates other Unit Franchisees in the region. He/she is the team leader able to check all the operations and to spot the best business opportunities. The Master Licence will entitle him/her to find, hire and make operational new unit franchisee to control the premium freight market in the region. He/she has already experience in premium freight and has enough capital to invest in the system.

A unite franchisee is an etrenpreneur with already some experience in logistics and the willingness to discover the rest on his/her own. A unit Franchiseeknows how to organize and finalize shipments to deliver the best solutions to his customers. With our powerful technological tool, he/she is able to manage all the operations and he has the capacity to answer to the logistic challenges of the premium freight market.

By joining Flash, you get access to a wide serious of advantages:

  • a European network of carriers and Flash experienced employees, able to provide support from anywhere
  • an already established brand name
  • use Easy2Trace, our tool to locate suppliers and assign them a shipment, quick and easy to use for maximum efficiency
  • benefit from R:Tech, a portal from which suppliers can manage all the aspects of your business 24/7 from your computer
  • we have a proven business model, tested upon years of experience, all it remains to do is trying it!